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Editor's Choice fashion award
Editor's Choice fashion award
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Saturday, 5 January 2013
The ORA #CelebrityStyle @ 09:47

                                              RHCP crop top-DIY,Emeblished floral chinos & Belt-Primark,
                                           Socks-Topshop,Creepers-Underground & Beanie(*)-MoshDogWheels.

001)        During the Christmas period I mentioned that I was going to cover a celebrities style, which has caught my attention as a monthly entry. For this month I picked the amazing Rita Ora, as I love how she mixes urban and edgy trends together.

002)    Rita is quite similar to Rihanna when it comes to her sense of style, as she likes to wear printed t-shirts from popular urban labels such as Boy London and other British street labels. However Rita takes the London street style to another level by mixing unusual edgy pieces such as embellished jumpers, studded jackets, vintage bomber jackets and accessories to her looks, which helps make her stand out of the crowd.

003)        To achieve a Rita Ora inspired look, I focused on the main pieces, which she normally tends to wear such as her vintage pieces, band t-shirts and her classic beanie. I wore my Red Hot Chilli Peppers crop top with my embellished black chinos, as I wanted to go a glamorous but yet rock inspired twist on the London street style. Shoes wise I wore creepers as it went with the rock style of my crop top but then gave it a feminine twist by wearing some frilled ankle socks. 

004)   Rita always finishes of her outfits with bold pieces of jewellery or quirky accessories such as hats. As I was going for a grunge interpretation of the urban trend I wore my red tartan scarf, as it not only gave a quirky touch to my outfit but went with the colour scheme of my look. Finally I wore the statement hat, which Rita is always seen wearing which is the classic beanie.